Just your imagination, new record, better quality

Here is a newer version of the song I posted some weeks ago. More effects, one more voice and more feelings. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to write a feedback on what should I make to make it better!
Thanks a lot

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Something to tell

Sometimes, you need to say, you need to tell, nothing more.

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Traditional dance and music from Bretagne, France

Dear readers and listeners!

I came back to France a month ago to work on a musical project.
There are in Bretagne some dance groups that we call Cercles Celtiques. They are non professional dancers group and they compete once a year to determinate which one is the best!
The marks are given according to several criteria such as originality, tradition, emotion, musicality, costumes…
Thanks to our good mark in music we managed to be the first one! There are sill three groups that need to compete and by the beginning of June, we’ll know who is first for this year.
That was a great writing, singing, creating, collaborating, laughing… experience thanks to all the musicians (we were 10 playing and the other ones knew each other before) and the dancers (28 on stage) who welcomed me as if I’ve always played with them.
The image and sound quality is very bad, but you are use to it on my blog 🙂
I promise I’ll try to do better sound and image quality posts in the future!

And here we go:

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Just your imagination/2014

2 months since the last post! I’m getting better!
This is a new song of mine and I’m quite happy with it. It hasn’t happen to me for so long to have this fast inspiration but music and words came to my mind in one hour. It makes me feel good to create again.
Hope you’ll enjoy it and, off course, all comments are even more than welcomed!
Sorry again for the bad sound’s quality, still don’t have good recording stuff.

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I need you as…

Long time since last time !

Having a break of life is always good for ideas to come and go, it’s always good to find yourself with yourself sometimes, thinking or not, singing or not.

The seaside, a big house just for me, for me and a dog. Walking on the beach, throwing the ball that he would bring it back and doing it again and again till the sea is too high and the length of sand is too short to throw it, coming back home, leaving the dog out that he would dry a bit, lightening the fire, sitting on the couch, taking the guitar, letting the ideas come… doesn’t have any, doesn’t want to pop in, doesn’t work… waiting for the low tide to go back on the beach, walking the dog… no, leaving the dog home for once this time and being alone with myself. Sitting on the sand. Looking at the sky. Listening to the surf of the sea, looking at the seagulls, listening to the seagulls, whistelling with the seagulls. Singing with the seagulls… Got it ! Melody. Lyrics will follow… I got it. This is it.

A new song finally, of course a song of love, of course for her. Whatever, she’s my wife and I love her, no shame for a love song, one more.

Sometimes I’m just hopping I could write some songs without any love inside, just descriptions, just about being alive.

Sometimes I wish I could write about nature, blue sky, green grass and white seagulls

Sometimes I wish I was there or you were here…

Sometimes I mean most of the times, I really love my life, I really love when a song is popping in my mind and finishing on a paper and recorded.

 This song is not over, it’s just a draft, a very first draft. Any suggestions, ideas, critics are more than welcome.  

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Les lignes de ton corps/2013

Long time no see!

Moving from Indonesia to Australia kept me busy everyday, no time to feed my blog but here I’m back with a new song of mine, new motivation to write more and more and to share, awaiting for your comments on what should I improve, keep or change!

This song’s name is “les lignes de ton corps” (your body lines).

I wrote the text a few month ago and I got stuck with the music for sooooo long that I couldn’t write it nor anything else. After a month without playing any of my own song and composing, everything came so naturally and, thanks to my guitar skills that has evolved, I can play more and more things without any frustration that I can’t do what I want to do!

Here we go:

If this link doesn’t work, click on this one. https://soundcloud.com/voxmarie/les-lignes-de-ton-corps

and the lyrics

C’est sur les lignes de ton corps

Qu’à mains nues j’ai dessiné

La courbe de mon rêve.

Au crayonné ton sourire

M’est apparu d’un rouge à

Faire pâlir Lucifer

le cÅ“ur ouvert de ton âme s’ouvre à moi comme un livre

D’où s’échappe le secret d’un amour qui promet

La gouache bleue de tes yeux

A donné à Morphée la

nuit pour la vie

Et je me noie dans le désert

De tes cheveux sans y trouver


Vivre le présent

Comme si le passé

Comme si le futur

Jamais existé n’avait

N’existera jamais

Voyez ces âmes courantes

Parcourir le monde comme un

Paradis perdu,

Parcourir cette vie Comme

Un manège en chantier,

Mais moi je préfère

Vivre le présent

Comme si le passé

Comme si le futur

Jamais existé n’avait

N’existera jamais

Avec une fronde, j’ai lancé

L’orage qui te recouvrais

Près de moi tu te reposes,

Une main dans la mienne

Le rêve est devenu


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”La Photo”, a composition from 2006

I wrote this song when I was studing in my music school in Rennes, 7 years ago.

I really enjoyed playing it with my classmates. There was a double bass, keyboard, accordeon, percussions, trombone for the improvisation part… I wish I could find the video of the concert we made but I have no idea where it could be.

So anyway, I recorded it again.

One more time, sorry for the quality, I don’t have a proper studio, I’m not a guitar player and the rain and thunder were not really helping !

All ideas to improve this song are more than welcome. Listen to it and tell me what should I do better, what is good enough…


And here go the lyrics:

Face au monde un homme pleure

Un enfant entre ses bras

le regard vide empli de larmes

debout contemplant sa terre

Tout est perdu, Tout

Ne lui reste que ce p’tit bout de vie

être de Lumière, de Lumière et d’avenir

Un cri du cœur est poussé,

L’homme ne croit plus en la vie

Sous cette terre déchaînée

le corps aimé est enfoui

Tout est perdu, Tout

Ne lui reste que ce p’tit bout de vie

être de Lumière, de Lumière et d’avenir

Oh ! L’enfant s’ouvre à la vie

Orphelin de sa maman

Il vivra dans l’incertitude

de secousses imprévisible

Mais la vie reste là

Dans le corps de ce tout petit enfant

Enfant de lumière, d’amour et d’avenir

A cousin of mine use to work for NGOs, in the emergency department. Once she was called to go to Sri Lanka after the big tsunami in december 2004

She went there and took some pictures of collapsed houses, lost fields, destroyed families. She sent me one picture. There was this man, holding his young son in his arms. He didn’t look sad, he didn’t look happy, he was just looking at all the parts of his (?) house that were lying on the ground, nothing was left.

I imagined that his wife was under it, that he had only this child and that it was the only light of life that he had left for him.

The title was just an evidence for me: La Photo (The Picture)

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