Traditional dance and music from Bretagne, France

Dear readers and listeners!

I came back to France a month ago to work on a musical project.
There are in Bretagne some dance groups that we call Cercles Celtiques. They are non professional dancers group and they compete once a year to determinate which one is the best!
The marks are given according to several criteria such as originality, tradition, emotion, musicality, costumes…
Thanks to our good mark in music we managed to be the first one! There are sill three groups that need to compete and by the beginning of June, we’ll know who is first for this year.
That was a great writing, singing, creating, collaborating, laughing… experience thanks to all the musicians (we were 10 playing and the other ones knew each other before) and the dancers (28 on stage) who welcomed me as if I’ve always played with them.
The image and sound quality is very bad, but you are use to it on my blog 🙂
I promise I’ll try to do better sound and image quality posts in the future!

And here we go:

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