I need you as…

Long time since last time !

Having a break of life is always good for ideas to come and go, it’s always good to find yourself with yourself sometimes, thinking or not, singing or not.

The seaside, a big house just for me, for me and a dog. Walking on the beach, throwing the ball that he would bring it back and doing it again and again till the sea is too high and the length of sand is too short to throw it, coming back home, leaving the dog out that he would dry a bit, lightening the fire, sitting on the couch, taking the guitar, letting the ideas come… doesn’t have any, doesn’t want to pop in, doesn’t work… waiting for the low tide to go back on the beach, walking the dog… no, leaving the dog home for once this time and being alone with myself. Sitting on the sand. Looking at the sky. Listening to the surf of the sea, looking at the seagulls, listening to the seagulls, whistelling with the seagulls. Singing with the seagulls… Got it ! Melody. Lyrics will follow… I got it. This is it.

A new song finally, of course a song of love, of course for her. Whatever, she’s my wife and I love her, no shame for a love song, one more.

Sometimes I’m just hopping I could write some songs without any love inside, just descriptions, just about being alive.

Sometimes I wish I could write about nature, blue sky, green grass and white seagulls

Sometimes I wish I was there or you were here…

Sometimes I mean most of the times, I really love my life, I really love when a song is popping in my mind and finishing on a paper and recorded.

 This song is not over, it’s just a draft, a very first draft. Any suggestions, ideas, critics are more than welcome.  

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7 Responses to I need you as…

  1. Larry Cox says:

    Hah! A rock song, and in English!
    I hope his move works out for you. You are a long way from home…

  2. elizabethweaver says:

    Gotta love an ode, especially with a strong strum and energy. Thanks for checking out my blog and for sharing this post.

  3. David says:

    Thanks for following Hanukah & the Angel, Love, David

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