”La Photo”, a composition from 2006

I wrote this song when I was studing in my music school in Rennes, 7 years ago.

I really enjoyed playing it with my classmates. There was a double bass, keyboard, accordeon, percussions, trombone for the improvisation part… I wish I could find the video of the concert we made but I have no idea where it could be.

So anyway, I recorded it again.

One more time, sorry for the quality, I don’t have a proper studio, I’m not a guitar player and the rain and thunder were not really helping !

All ideas to improve this song are more than welcome. Listen to it and tell me what should I do better, what is good enough…


And here go the lyrics:

Face au monde un homme pleure

Un enfant entre ses bras

le regard vide empli de larmes

debout contemplant sa terre

Tout est perdu, Tout

Ne lui reste que ce p’tit bout de vie

être de Lumière, de Lumière et d’avenir

Un cri du cœur est poussé,

L’homme ne croit plus en la vie

Sous cette terre déchaînée

le corps aimé est enfoui

Tout est perdu, Tout

Ne lui reste que ce p’tit bout de vie

être de Lumière, de Lumière et d’avenir

Oh ! L’enfant s’ouvre à la vie

Orphelin de sa maman

Il vivra dans l’incertitude

de secousses imprévisible

Mais la vie reste là

Dans le corps de ce tout petit enfant

Enfant de lumière, d’amour et d’avenir

A cousin of mine use to work for NGOs, in the emergency department. Once she was called to go to Sri Lanka after the big tsunami in december 2004

She went there and took some pictures of collapsed houses, lost fields, destroyed families. She sent me one picture. There was this man, holding his young son in his arms. He didn’t look sad, he didn’t look happy, he was just looking at all the parts of his (?) house that were lying on the ground, nothing was left.

I imagined that his wife was under it, that he had only this child and that it was the only light of life that he had left for him.

The title was just an evidence for me: La Photo (The Picture)

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10 Responses to ”La Photo”, a composition from 2006

  1. Larry Cox says:

    I like this.
    My only comment is that there is more to explore in these situations. I saw photos and videos from that destruction, too.I also saw a video of a man (he was a French man as a matter of fact) who organized some help for those who had been hardest hit. He gave them hope by giving them skills they could use themselves to help each other. What made him care enough to do such a thing?
    The role of children in our lives is very special and also worth exploring. They seem to radiate a “light” as you sing about. But this light seems to burn out as we get older. And then we must rely on someone else for that “light.” Why is that? Does life have to work that way? Or could we all keep shining?

    • voxmarie says:

      Thanks for your beautiful comment, And I don’t have any answer to your question. But fortunatly I think that some people still have this light in them and the light is shinning. We would need almost nothing to all have it back shinning in our eyes…

    • Although a lot of people seems to lose it I think as Marie that some people keeps this light … even you can have this light ! It ‘s just a way to see the world, the life, which is different … Try to look at the world with a child look !

  2. Bonjour Marie, mercie pour following my blog! J’ai aussi des chansons et petites compositions a moi sour soundcloud avec mon nickname, cucaesteves. soundcloud.com/cucaesteves. C’est joliie ta chanson, j’aimeras bien d’ecouter l’enregistrement avec les autres instruments! Je vais regarder un peut plus plus tard… a bien tot!

    • voxmarie says:

      Merci Maria, ton commentaire me touche beaucoup. Je vais essayer de retrouver l’enregistrement que j’avais fait il y a 6 ans. à Bientôt et plein de belles choses pour toi

  3. J’ai voulu répondre à Larry C et toute préoccuppée de mon mauvais anglais j’ai oublié de te dnner mon impression ! Très joli texte, jolie chanson, jolie voix … j’aime beaucoup !

  4. Larry Cox says:

    For better or worse, je comprend un peut de Francais, aussi!

  5. Alli Farkas says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I listened to a few of your songs and even though I only understand a bit of French I think your voice changes expression a lot from English to French and therefore I really enjoy the French singing more! Good luck to you and keep up the good work!

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