Let’s Do It, Jogja!

I used to live in Indonesia for 3 years. The last year I was there, I did an environmental project. Included in a world clean-up project born in Estonia in 2008, our mission was to find enough volunteers that we could clean the city of Jogjakarta, in Central Jawa. the name of this project? Let’s Do It, Jogja!
I wrote and recorded this song in April 2012. It has been played on radios and TVs in Indonesia.

And here goes the refrain:

Let’s Do it, Jogja! Bersama kita, bersikan Jogja, bebas dari sampah.

Let’s Do It, Jogja! together we can make of Jogja a place free from trash.

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5 Responses to Let’s Do It, Jogja!

  1. Sigoese says:

    Hi, salam hangat dari Jogja..

  2. Larry Cox says:

    This sounds unusual because of the language. I’ve never been to Indonesia, but I played in Gamelan Sekar Jaya in the Bay Area for a year in 1980. We had a Balinese teacher and brought in Indonesian dancers for our concerts. They are spiritual people who live in lands that are very ancient. They could rise to considerable importance on the planet in the near future.

    • voxmarie says:

      They indeed live in very ancient lands but their consciousness of environment is very limited. They live with the nature but consider that nature can live with plastics… Thanks to all westerns people who introduced plastics without explaining how bad it was for the environment and that they should throw them in appropriate places.
      I was playing and teaching gamelan for a few years in Paris, I love this instrument, the sound and the spirituality coming along.

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