Cat Song

I wrote this song a few months ago.  Just recorded it with my brother playing the guitar. It’s not complete, it’s a first draft, the full version will come soon.

This cat is talking to me

Her eye is blue like the sea

She tells me nice stories

I’m listening to her but I can’t hold my hand

Don’t pretend you don’t like me

You are always on my way

Stop playing that game with me

I will catch you anyway

The first time I sang it was in Malaysia. It’s a Frenglish song, meanings that some paragraphs are in English and some in French. It’s a jazz song and I imagine it filled with jazz instruments like double bass, sax, trumpet, drum and so on.

Please, leave your comments, tell me what you are thinking about it. Cheers

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8 Responses to Cat Song

  1. Cool. How did you put the music player on your page?

    • voxmarie says:

      thanks. I uploaded it to soundcloud and, from soundcloud, I could choose to share it on wordpress. They give you a code to paste on your post and the music player appears when you publish your post.

  2. Timothy Isle says:

    LOVE it! You two are great together!

  3. Larry Cox says:

    You are the first “blogger” who chose to follow me that I have found worth following. Though it’s new, this is my idea of a blog! Loved your song; may you write and perform many more.

    • voxmarie says:

      thanks for that, I hope I’ll not disapoint you with my next posts. Wish you all the best for your blog, cool stories that you have there.

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